Bespoke application developer, specialising in designing, developing and maintaining applications.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Unity, simulations and external interfaces.


Examples of some of my recent projects. Please note that not all features can be shown or listed here due to client confidentiality, but can be discussed on request.

Driving simulator to be used for research into driver drowsiness, with a wide variety of data points recording for offline analysis. Developed from scratch using sourced and self-created assets. Implemented systems for tracking vehicle movement, trigger points, and emotional engagement.

VR system using the Oculus Rift and proprietary hardware to demonstrate the use of real-time facial expression recognition. Part of an API developed to showcase the uses of expression and emotion recognition. Additional demo applications included real-time VR avatar emoting, and a VR cinema system with engagement tracking and expression/emotion analytics.

VR system using the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion to display objects and associated information, and allowing for manipulation of the objects. Developed from scratch in Unity using initially-provided assets, subsequently modified and optimised. Extensive physics interactions and UI/UX design to optimise the user experience when manipulating objects and UI inside VR.

VR system using the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion to create a train simulator. Developed from scratch in Unity using initially-provided assets, subsequently modified and optimised for both performance and physics interaction. Extensive UX/UI work to create a natural-feeling VR UI without the benefit of physical feedback. Was used in the VR training suite that won the client the Gold Award for Innovation in Learning at the Institute of Learning and Performance Awards 2016. (360 degree video)

A robot arm simulator for Clansman Dynamics, developed using Unity and connecting to an industrial controller via PLC. The final product was mounted in one of the company's cabs and used as a demonstration model at expos. Developed from scratch in Unity using initially-provided assets, subsequently modified and optimised. Extensive work to interface with the PLC and controller, along with physics and inverse kinematics for accurate movement mapping. Additional development work to investigate the usage of virtual reality as a form of telepresence for remote operation of machinery.

An augmented reality app for smartphones developed for Natural England to be used on one of their sites in Devon. Developed using Unity, and a marker-based AR system to provide the location information necessary to present the correct data to the user, and for positional tracking for the 3D assets used in the AR sections.

About Me

I have an intense passion for new technology, and love the creative process of bringing 3D environments to life. I started many years ago, creating maps for games in the early era of first-person shooter games. As the technology and fidelity of these games evolved, I had to learn new skillsets - graduating from level design, to modelling objects in 3D Studio, texturing in Photoshop and to scripting to create better interactive experiences. This led to learning more formalised programming languages, and putting together prototypes and tests of game ideas and concepts, solely for the enjoyment and experience.

Since then, I have been working on projects, both for myself and for clients/employers that will provide me with a challenge and improve my experience, skills and learning. Being faced with a problem that I've never dealt with before, creating a solution and getting it all to work correctly is immensely satisfying to me. Several of the projects that I have worked on have involved creating applications entirely from scratch, with no initial codebase and little to no initial assets.
I still love creating 3D environments and applications that use them, even more so now with the advent of Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies.

I always try to keep up with the latest developments in technology, especially in my favoured fields of expertise. I have a great interest in User Experience and User Interfaces (UX/UI), particularly as it pertains to VR and AR, as it brings an entirely new set of challenges. My final project for my BSc in 2017 combined these two areas of interest, where I developed a VR application for an archaelogical reconstruction of a Roman fort for Middlewich Town council and demonstrated it to the public during their annual Roman festival.


I currently reside in Devon, United Kingdom

Feel free to email me.